IRS Makes Prior Year Tax Information Accessible

For taxpayers who’ve ever needed a previous year’s tax return but couldn’t seem to find it, the IRS offers a solution. For no charge, you can get a transcript for the current year or any of the preceding three years from the IRS.

This information can be requested online, on the phone or by mail. Online and phone orders are processed in about 5-10 days, but mail orders can take as long as a month.

While these returns are free, remember they’re just transcripts. The transcript shows most line items from your return, but it’s basically a bunch of numbers on a page and can be difficult to interpret.

If you want a copy of your actual return, be prepared to lighten your checking account by $57. Please note: this fee may be waived if your return needs to be replaced because you’re in a federal disaster area.

If you need a reliable CPA’s expertise to interpret your transcript, obtain a transcript for you, or help you plan for or prepare your taxes, get in touch! Contact Patrick & Robinson CPAs at or 904-396-5400.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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