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CPAs vs. The Alternative: CPAs Win

In today’s economy, saving money wherever you can is critical. While it’s one thing to coupon clip to save at the grocery store, it’s not a good idea to attempt savings on tax preparation costs…in fact, unless you’ve got a very simple tax return, those attempts can cost you in the long-term.

Many online services, CDs from a box and other inexpensive preparation options exist, but none of these alternatives provide the up-to-date knowledge and personal insight of your unique situation that your CPA offers. Remember these points when considering your options:

  • Preparing ahead through year-round tax planning can help reduce your tax burden. Tax software or store-front preparers will not be available until January. By then it’s too late.
  • CPA firms provide convenient, one-stop-shopping to prepare business, estate, trust and personal returns.
  • The state, IRS and professional associations require CPAs to adhere to high ethical standards; high-volume services may not carefully follow these regulations.
  • Knowledge gained through many years of specialized education (minimum of a master’s degree) and continuous training (minimum of 40 hours annually) ensures that CPAs hold up-to-date understanding of tax laws.
  • Your CPA can communicate intelligently and effectively with the IRS on your behalf. Each CPA holds knowledge of the process, the people, and protocol to communicate with the IRS. In short, we know their number! You won’t receive such a benefit from other services.
  • A CPA wants you to know what you don’t know: Because of their knowledge of your situation combined with their understanding of the latest tax laws and regulations, CPAs can notify you in time to take advantage of specific deductions or credits.
  • Did you enter the right amount in the correct input field?  Did your software include the right forms? Was your return reviewed by an experienced professional to avoid red flags and missed opportunities? If you put travel expenses in a field requesting office expenses, your return is wrong and can get messy if you’re selected for an audit.

Do you really want to do this? You pay someone else to change your car’s wiper blades and oil. Why would you risk potential oversights or errors that could cost you thousands or lead to an encounter with an IRS agent?

If you have questions on any of this information or are interested in how we can help you minimize your tax burden, contact us at (904) 396-5400 or

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