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Students Beware! Phony IRS Agent Demanding Fake Payment

If you’re a student or know any, you likely understand their budget planning challenges. Ensure they don’t fall victim to a new twist scammers use to cheat taxpayers, according to the IRS. If someone calls claiming to be an IRS agent and demands your “Federal Student Tax” payment, it’s FAKE! Expect the caller to threaten …read more.

IRS Offers Simple Way to Deduct Your Home Office

If you work out of your home and set aside a dedicated area for business, you may be able to use a simplified method for claiming a deduction on your 1040 individual tax return. Using the simplified approach, you’re allowed a deduction of $5-per-square-foot of home office space, up to 300 square feet (or $1,500). …read more.

From your CPA team, Happy Independence Day!

As we celebrate the 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, let’s remember the courage of those who paved the way for a new Nation and those today who sacrifice everything for our freedom. Despite the complex tax code, the American story is simple: our bravery, resiliency and enterprise remain unmatched. We …read more.

IRS Update: More Electric Vehicles Eligible for Tax Credit

If you’re an avid reader of “Profit Statements” (we hope you are!), you noticed our previous post discussed individual tax credits available for certain plug-in electric vehicles and eligibility requirements. If the car you’re considering didn’t make the list, don’t turn around for home yet; the IRS added more eligible vehicles this week. Compiled by …read more.

Shopping for a new car?

When budget planning for a new car, you probably realize you won’t find anything cheap…that operates safely! You may even consider an electric vehicle to avoid the uncertainty of gas price fluctuations. The government encourages you to look at this change! Plug-in electric vehicles offer significant tax credits, which may help sway you if you’re …read more.

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