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Be Prepared – Prove your Small Business is Loan-Worthy

Is your small business in need of a few extra bucks this year? Whether it’s monthly or seasonal budget planning, cash flow shortages, operational needs, unplanned expenses or that persistent roof leak, financial resources – or lack thereof – remain the ongoing challenge consistently facing small businesses. Unless you’re independently wealthy or can rely on …read more.

Tax Reform 101: Important Changes for 2018

As noted in our two previous blogs outlining the new income tax reform bill, the law isn’t so much simplification as it is complification. Here’s an overview of changes affecting your individual income tax returns: The tax rates dropped and the brackets widened, but the law still keeps seven of them (eight if you count …read more.

Understanding the New Tax Reform Bill: Changes Affecting Business

In our last blog, we offered an overview of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and discussed items that affect your 2017 income tax return. Now let’s look at changes affecting business income taxes (and associated business growth) in 2018, which will be reflected on your returns next tax season: The big news is a …read more.

Tax Reform Arrives . . . Changes Affecting your 2017 Tax Return

Welcome to President Trump’s long-awaited tax bill, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Since the reform purports to overhaul the entire U.S. tax code by making our individual and business income tax return process simpler, virtually all taxpayers will be affected in some way. Is the tax reform law good or bad for you? You’ll …read more.

New Year’s Resolutions . . . for your Business

For many of us, beginning a year wouldn’t be complete without the tried and true New Year’s resolutions. Scores of us vow to start eating healthier…exercising more often…and seeing your CPA regularly. Wait, what? If you’re a fan of setting individual goals for the year, don’t forget goals for your business—something our proven accounting team …read more.

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