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Stop Wasting Time on Ineffective “Bored” Meetings!

Stick to the facts please, fellow business consultants . . .  Ever wonder why you find yourself slightly restless during your company’s board meeting? Perhaps daydreaming about that comfy couch calling your name at home? From CPA firms to manufacturing companies to medical practices, one of the reasons your company’s board meetings often run too …read more.

The Ticking Clock Is About to Ring: Time to File Your 2017 Tax Extension

NOW is the time to make that honest assessment: will I be able to file my individual income tax return by April 17? If not, no shame exists to filing an automatic extension. So if you need more time to assemble your data or track down missing tax documents, file IRS tax extension Form 4868 …read more.

Scammers Targeting Tax Preparers—and We’re Ready

As the filing deadline for your individual income tax return approaches, the unscrupulous identity thieves shift into high gear, knowing taxpayers and their preparers are under more pressure and could make careless mistakes. While we’re certainly not perfect, we’re doing all we can to protect your identity, your financial planning records and, of course, your …read more.

Use Spring Cleaning to Reduce Your Tax Bill with Charitable Donations

As you’re finishing cleaning out your closets and drawers this spring, you may be thinking about donating your gently-used items to charity. It’s a win-win deal for both you and the non-profit organization: with your donations, charitable groups raise money by selling your former items and the IRS lets you take a tax deduction for …read more.

Board Members: Protect your Nonprofit’s Tax-Exempt Status

When was the last time you thanked the IRS? If you’re a board member of a nonprofit, responsible for its financial review and good budget planning, now you can! Sometime over your tenure, you’ve likely seen potential issues surface that could jeopardize the tax exemption status of the charitable nonprofit you’ve been entrusted to oversee. …read more.

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