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Accounting for the Construction Industry

P&R provides tax accounting services to local Jacksonville construction companyLet’s Build Your Financial Future.

A strong foundation…it’s the hallmark of every major construction project.

From excavation and remediation to full building completion, the strength of your foundation ultimately determines the success of tomorrow.

Patrick & Raines CPAs understand the importance of making the current construction tax law work for you.

We know the options for paying taxes vary among projects and can be dependent on your company size. And we also realize that when you declare the profits of a specific job can make the difference between a good and bad year for the company as a whole.

Our team knows the traditional income statement only tells part of the story of a growing construction company. While the income statement shows total profit and loss, it doesn’t allocate the amounts by job.

Our targeted reports help you determine if you’re succeeding on the job, or if you need to make adjustments early to avoid a loss.

In short, you can turn our proven experience of serving the industry’s leaders into one of your greatest financial assets. We provide:

  • Corporate & personal tax planning and preparation
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services
  • Review- and audit-level financial statement reporting
  • Consulting: financing, budgeting & profit analysis

We earn our clients’ trust and business by concentrating on the bottom line—of both their financial statements and long-term plans…just as you expect.

Our team is ready to build your business tomorrow by establishing a strong financial foundation today.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I am so much more comfortable with how our finances are now being handled. Thanks for your help!
Dr. Randy T. HodgesSenior Pastor HernandoChurch of the Nazarene

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