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IRS, Tax Industry and States Collaborate to Combat Fraud

The recent rise in individual tax fraud and ID theft cases alarms many taxpayers, and rightfully so.

In response to this recent spike, the IRS took new measures to protect taxpayers. Bringing together tax preparation and software firms, state tax administrators, and other professionals from the tax industry, the IRS assembled stakeholders to enhance security.

On March 19, a Security Summit convened with three working groups to develop solutions to combat fraud. The groups searched for new ways to validate and protect sensitive taxpayer information when filing a return.

The summit resulted in more information-sharing between the industry and government, as well as standardized sharing of suspected fraud data. It also expanded the sharing of aggregate and analytical information across the industry, making identifying trends easier.

To aid law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting criminals, the group hopes to establish a Refund Fraud Information Sharing and Assessment Center (ISAC) to coordinate information between the public and private sectors. The group also focused on increasing efforts to educate taxpayers on ways to protect themselves from tax fraud and ID theft.

Expect most of these measures to be implemented now and in full effect by the 2016 tax season.

If you think you experienced ID theft or tax fraud and seek guidance for your next step, contact the tax accountant team at Patrick & Robinson CPAs: (904) 396-5400 or

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