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IRS Tips For Newlyweds

Are you planning a Christmas wedding?  If so, congratulations! These good wishes are not just from your friends at Patrick & Robinson, but also the IRS. It offers some helpful tips for newlyweds to make filing your joint return smoother next year:

  • If you changed your name, be sure to notify the Social Security Administration. Your name and social security number must match, or your e-filed tax return will be rejected.  Download a Form SS-5 at the Social Security Office’s website and get a new or replacement Social Security card.
  • Let the IRS know if your address has changed. You can download the Change of Address form (Form 8822) at the IRS’s website.  You can also do this by ensuring your new/correct address is on your tax return.
  • Let the U.S. Postal Service know if you moved, so that any IRS correspondence can be forwarded to your new home.
  • Inform your employer of your new name and/or address. If you changed employers during the year, also let your previous employer know, so you receive your W-2 early next year.
  • If you and your spouse both work, your combined income may put you in a different tax bracket. The IRS offers a Withholding Calculator to help you avoid a surprise tax bill when you file your return next year.  Find your most recent pay stubs and tax returns to help you determine whether or not you should consider having more taxes withheld from your paycheck.  Remember, the goal should be to owe nothing, or just a small sum, not getting some of your own money back. Tax refunds are overpayments—meaning you loaned money to Uncle Sam interest-free. Keep that money for your new life!

Again, congratulations on your marriage…and your new filing status! You’re sure to encounter many changes in the journey ahead, but if we can help make the adjustments to your tax return go smoothly next year, let us know. We’re available through e-mail at and by phone at 904-396-5400.

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