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Want to avoid surprises next tax season?

Patrick & Raines CPAs can help with your "Paycheck Checkup"

This month, the IRS has been encouraging everyone to complete a mid-year “Paycheck Checkup” to avoid surprises regarding your withholding come tax time. (Click here to see more information and to use their Withholding Calculator.) This may help to an extent, but there are more factors that will affect your 2019 tax return such as getting a windfall bonus, selling property, or even winning the lottery!

Knowing what will affect you can sometimes be a challenge, especially since many fundamentals of individual tax computation have changed and the old tools don’t work. Also, personal exemptions are gone, child credits have doubled but are limited to younger dependents, and a great majority of tax payers will default to using the standard deduction.

We, like the IRS, recommend running a periodic projection using your current income numbers to see if your withholding will put you in the range to make you comfortably covered. If you need help assessing these changes in your finances, give us a call; we’d love to help! Call (904) 396-5400 today to set up an appointment.

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I am so much more comfortable with how our finances are now being handled. Thanks for your help!
Dr. Randy T. HodgesSenior Pastor HernandoChurch of the Nazarene

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Should I consult a CPA if I’m starting a new business?


Yes. You’ll need to discuss the best organization for your company for tax purposes as well as numerous other issues relating to operations, including pricing, inventory, payroll, liability and profit...



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