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What Were They Thinking?!

Patrick & Robinson CPAs is “celebrating” the 100th anniversary of the income tax because seriously, what were they thinking?!

100 years ago, the U.S. Revenue Act of 1913 was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. Since then, the tax code has grown from 400 pages to more than 74,000 pages! That’s ridiculous!

Although the congressional committees are now seriously considering comprehensive tax reform, chances of passage this year are limited and won’t likely be approved in time for the 2014 tax season. Yet we’re not giving up hope that our country’s leaders can create a more efficient system with the right “incentive” from the home folks.

In the coming months, Patrick & Robinson will give you opportunities to make your voice heard:

  • Follow our social media pages and post your thoughts.
  • Share and/or participate in our upcoming 1040 Birthday Card Contest.
  • Once available, download and send the winning 1040 birthday card design to members of Congress, adding your personal opinion on tax reform.

Insist our leaders vote for a simpler tax code, and remind them: they work for us. As tax advisors, our primary role is to help others plan your financial future, and taxes will always be a part of that planning. But overly complex changes to the tax code and constant revision hurts everyone.

You can always count on Patrick & Robinson CPAs to assist you with your tax-related concerns and accounting needs. Contact us at or 904-396-5400.

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